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''Put Whatever You Broke Over There'' :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 1 18 Fetch me a new shiny! :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 20 Kiriku bio :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 0 Free Falling :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 4 20 Kiriku doodle :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 102 Hatchling Tatsu :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 2 24 Math class in a nutshell :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 9 Child, what are you doing? :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 5 Tatsu bio :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 5 7 How To Win :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 4 25 For KareBear117 :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 18 More of a cat person :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 68
I'm going in! (oneshot)
“Ah jeez. We’re in deep water, eh?” Falspar said with a weak laugh, looking around. His comrade, Aella, looked at him, unamused.
“I’m not sure if that is how the saying goes, but yes, we are in a rather unfavorable position,” She said, glancing back, where the twins were wisely staying farther back, knowing that Falspar was more likely to get attacked. They were hiding behind rises in the rocky terrain, minds and bodies tense as they stayed on watch for any Demon Beasts that were prowling the area.  Falspar sighed, how did he get stuck with Ms. Proper? They didn’t get along all that well, given their…varying outlooks on practically everything. He kicked their radio, which was refusing to work. He’d have to complain to Meta Knight later. After all, he was one of the main technicians for the army, and he would be held responsible for any malfunctions.
“Falsp…ere…ar…ou…” Arthur’s voice bro
:iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 2 4
Rider bio :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 2 I'm Going In! :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 7 2 Dragato Rocks the Look :iconmoonlit-mage64:Moonlit-Mage64 3 4


Happy BirbDay twins :iconkarebear117:KareBear117 12 116 3/23 ~ Meta Knight's 24th :iconlittlecloudie:LittleCloudie 62 15 Storm and Scar :iconkibyknightchiu:Kibyknightchiu 11 19 Question No.43 :Bate: :iconrhylem:Rhylem 22 14 A Wish is Born -End- :iconrhylem:Rhylem 33 15 Kerri sketch :iconkibyknightchiu:Kibyknightchiu 9 11 Metanaito and Kabii (outline) Cover :iconkarebear117:KareBear117 18 32 -Picture Perfect- :iconrhylem:Rhylem 29 10 Elemental Wheel v.2 :iconkemosiri:Kemosiri 407 24 Dumb Meta Knight sketches :iconkibyknightchiu:Kibyknightchiu 15 38 Weekend Doodles :March: :iconrhylem:Rhylem 27 8 OUTTA MY WAY!!! :iconrhylem:Rhylem 39 7 Red marker school doodles :iconkibyknightchiu:Kibyknightchiu 8 9 Tatsu :iconjirachiatsundown:JirachiAtSundown 10 14 -Just a Taste!!! :iconrhylem:Rhylem 52 18 Kirby and Meta Knight doodles :iconkarebear117:KareBear117 26 17



Tatsu bio

(to be updated)








Demon Beast/Monster




Quick to change sides 

Important info:

Tatsu cannot speak verbally. She has to use her mind to communicate and sometimes can’t get a hold on the person’s mind in order to ‘talk’. This has resulted in her humming a large amount, as it is the only vocal sound she can make (along with grunting, hissing, whimpering, etc.)

Tatsu is cold-blooded


Her bright feathers


Helping people train/become stronger


Her feathers getting dirty or messed up


People who give up easily



Messing with her feathers when they’re perfectly fine


Her feathers turn into fire/her skin can set itself on fire/She can breathe fire

Her claws



Cold Water (it feels like acid to her)

Fire extinguishers/fire blankets

Cold temperatures


None (unknown)

Apprentice/student: Kiby (Belongs to :iconkibyknightchiu:)


She loves taking care of her feathers but the ones on her back give her absolute hell. She has to turn around in circles and brush against objects to comb them

Given her vulnerability to water, Tatsu often wears a cloak and fingerless gloves (her claws end up tearing them anyways) to protect against water when she goes outside. Her claws aren't affected by water, so she doesn't have to worry about it.


Tatsu was the result of an experiment to create "better" demon beasts. Puffball DNA was mixed the a fire dragon's DNA to create a batch of demon beast eggs. As it was bound to happen with DNA experiments, many eggs didn't hatch or the hatchlings were deformed or died quickly. Tatsu was the only one who managed to survive, but even she had certain problems like poor respiration and infertility. Her siblings were killed, as they weren't needed, and her creators set about cloning her DNA. However, with her friend Sipher (bio to be posted), she escaped and began wandering the world.

*Next time, you can shove a sword through his throat.*
                                                                   ~Tatsu, 2017
Wow. Woooooow. I lost another sketch! Ain't that great? I'm pretty sure my mom closed out of it though.
I AM SO DONE! I know I don't normally rant here but...gah! AHJDGFBDHDBFN
I was working on a sketch digitally, was almost done and was about to start the lineart, when my computer glitches and restarts. I hadn't saved it and now it's all gone. It took me like two day and three tries to get it, and it completely gone...cue the five to ten minute breakdown. So yeah. Great. I've got no idea how much I'll get done now, because that completely threw me out of the mood to draw, and I don't remember many of the details due to my shoddy memory. Great. Now I'm going to spend the entire week trying to recreate it and having additional breakdowns, possibly in the middle of class. Add that to stressing out about makeup work for half my classes (because I stayed home yesterday and today) and I can assure you that I will get absolutely nothing done!
''Put Whatever You Broke Over There''
"I'll deal with it once I get off break."

Falspar always break his gear and MK always has to fix it XD


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Not much to say other than that I'm a Kirby fan with little to no life and won't go anywhere without some paper and pencil for drawing. Oddly enough, I find my art class boring and people at my school have never seen actual art since they think at I'm a pro at it. Constructive criticism welcome any time, I'm just here to get some feedback and opinions from other creators.


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